Teri Keiffer (1 year): I met Lynn in August 2007. She immediately gained my respect as a client. She is honest, forthcoming and very in tune with the rider and the horse. I like working with Lynn because she works within the rider and the horses limits. She also knows when to push those boundaries without comprimising the horse or rider's safety. Over the past 11 months she has helped me build confidence and riding skills that I thought were once forgotten.
  Lynn runs a professional training program. She is timely, trustworthy and caters to each of her clients abilities. I would highly recommend her. -Teri K.


Donna Phebus (7 years):  The perfect fit for any rider and his/her horse is a trainer who can discern the potential in each and find a way to maximize growth.  That's the special expertise I've found with STC.  I returned to riding after raising my family and retiring from school teaching.  I brought my newly purchased, handsome steed to Lynn's barn for advice, for instruction, for care.  I have been thoroughly pleased.  My big boy was a handful...not standing still when mounting, bolting when on lead rope, prancing and defiant when things didn't suit him.
Lynn has been working with him and with me just 3 months.  He is now a delight and a pleasure, a leader on trail, confident and obedient.  I am growing in understanding him and in my skills as a rider.  I am very pleased with our progress and grateful to Lynn, who accomplishes all with warmth, positive encouragement, and firm guidance.
I'm looking forward to competitive trail riding and we're training for that goal.


Sharon Packard (10+ years) “For Outrageous Service and Confidence  - Put your horse in their care”


Corki Lumley (5 yrs) "Smothermon Training Center and Care Barn takes excellent care of our horses. They are there when hooves need soaking, medicines need giving, veterinarians need calling... they are there weekends, or holidays whenever care is needed. When a horse needs more training or trail time, they are right there! My horse owes its current existence to Smothermon Training Center. I have some physical challenges that have severely curtailed some of my activities. My horse has a big, hot engine and hadn't been taught good manners. He wouldn't stand to be mounted, he shied at saddling and didn't want to listen to the person riding him. Lynn Smothermon worked with him, and now he is an excellent trail horse and a good friend. I don't know what I would do without her and the Care Barn.

Siouxzie Salisbury (4 years) I came back to being a horse owner after a 30-year hiatus...needless to say, my skills were a bit rusty. At Peacock Hill one of the first people I met was Lynn Strand, and was immediately impressed by the depth of her concern toward the horses and toward me as a new owner. Her professionalism, tempered with good humor, helped me through a lot of shaky moments. She has a wealth of knowledge about horses and riders, and is especially outstanding on trail. I would recommend her training to anyone, even experienced riders, as she has unique insights that are valuable to both riders and their horses. You and your horse will be in excellent hands with Lynn and Smothermon Training Center.


Jeanette Mobley (5 years) My 25-year-old mare has been a part of STC for 5 years, including extended and short-term vacation care as well as daily meds/supps as needed. Lynn has taught me important horse-care techniques, such as administering my horse's Adequan injections myself, or keeping medication localized to a foot using such simple tools as disposable baby diapers and sturdy binding tape. Three days per week, Lisa (Care Barn) monitors my horse's wellbeing and covers the meds/supps reliably, freeing me to travel directly to a 10-hour day with an important client. All at reasonable fees. Can't ask for better than that!


Marci Carey (3 years) He meandered over the ground without purpose. Hulking, dragging his large feet, all big bones and uneven points, he carries his rider like a sack of potatoes. Finally coming to a rest next to me by the arena rail, his large, roman nosed head dropped to knee level and he immediately napped. THIS is the horse my trainer wants me to see?! He is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen….

Flash forward six months….

We hear his whinny before we see him. We turn the corner and his strong profile and kind eye greet us. He is huge, shiny red and strong as an ox. I saddle him up and throw my five year old son up top. They go around the pen, this tiny child and this huge animal. He comes to rest near me by the rail and immediately naps.  He is friend, counselor, defender and babysitter all in one. I whisper a blessing to my trainer for showing him to me. He is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen…

Kat Lopez Armenta (5 years) What can I say....Lynn is an awesome trainer. She will bend over backwards to make sure that you're satisfied with your horse and your training. She is always there when you need her, for advice, support, or that late night emergency! I know that she has my horses best interest in mind always, and trust her completely with them. She is not only my trainer, but also a great friend.

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