Specializing in Equine Care & Vet advised Protocols

        Strand Training Center has worked with vets like Dr Kirk Pollard, Dr David Tresor - EVA along with horse owners to developed what Lynn Strand - STC considers: “A direct and constant ability to manage-care for any breed of horse along with rehabilitating those under veterinarian supervision with an eye for the detail at hand as well as the final outcome – a happy and healthy horse…” Adding to this Courtney Zarrilli (14 years client and student of STC) to perform any and all your horses daily needs or requirements. (STC and TCB will not administer any type of Perscription Drug including oral and/or IM injectable without a written DVM advised protocal.
       Along with the Quality Care offered at TCB, STC offers full training, lessons and maintenance programs for the recreational trail rider in both Western and English. Back all this up with experienced, knowledgeable professionals that truly care about your horse.

Exercise Programs~
  • Lunge or Turn-out or Hot-walk (As areas permit)or Hand-walk less than 15 minutes: $15.00/each time
  • Hand-walk greater than 15 minutes $20.00/each time
  • Hand walk greater than 30 minutes: additonal 1.00 per minute

Supplementation/Medication/Vet Advised Treatments~
(Owner &/or Vet to provide all supplies, unless noted)
  • Pre-bagged or pre-mixed supplements &/or medication: $5.00/bag
  • Medication that requires mixing before administrating (ie: sulfa, steroids, Anti-inflammatory): $10.00/dose
  • Oral medication that requires mixing & administering in an oral syringe: $10.00/dose
  • Vet Advised Medication (not oral): Minimum $10.00/time
  • Vet Advised bathing (medicated shampoo supplied by owner &/or vet): $30.00/bath
  • Leg Wrap: $10.00/wrap (ruined wraps $25.00/ea)
  • Wound Care: (your supplies): Minimum $10.00/time or (our supplies) Minimum $15.00/time
  • Hoof Soak for Abscess (our supplies): $25.00/time
  • Worming (you provide wormer): $10.00/time
  • Visual Observation and/or update text or calls to owner and/or Vet: Fee varies minmum $10.00/time
  • Stand with horse for Vet or Shoer Appointments: 30 mins - $25.00/time
  • Saturday Shot Clinic: $15.00/time
  • Meet Vet Monday-Friday 8 am- 5 pm Appointments: $25.00/time
  • Meet Vet Weekends $45.00/time /Holiday/Emergencies/After-hours: $60.00/time
         SPECIAL NOTE: Listed fees are Mon - Friday only
                                    Saturday fees Double - Sundays and Holidays fees Triple

  • Mane & Tail Wash (our supplies): $20.00
  • Whole Body Bath (our supplies): $40.00
  • Light Body Dust off and Fly spray 15.00
  • Full Body Groom & fly spray: $30.00
  • Face Clipping (bridle-path, muzzle, chin): $15.00
  • Body Clipping clean, quite horse (Base Price): $150.00
  • Dirty horse: Add $30.00 to Base Price
  • Unruly horse: Add Minimum $50.00 to Base Price

Pre-Shipping/Vacation Packages~

  • Vacation Package: Turn-out/lunging/hot walker (your choice) every day, grooming as needed, daily supplements (provided by owner), daily check on horse(s), blanketing, Emergency assistance-primary on-site contact for vet/shoer & administration of any care deemed necessary by vet/shoer (fees maybe adjusted depending on injury/illness)
         Starting at $20.00 per day

  • Pre-Shipping Package: General Care: Turn-out/lunging every other day, assist &/or coordinate with Vet for necessary vaccines/Coggins test and paperwork, meet shipper & provide them with necessary documents, assist with loading horse(s) & necessary travel items for horse(s), call owner to confirm pickup.
         Up to 7 days prior to departure: $150.00/ per horse
         Up to 14 days prior to departure: $275.00/ per horse

*****Don’t see a service listed?  Call us & we’ll accommodate you to the best of our ability*****

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