Early in 2002, I received an email from Audrey Pavia award winning author and freelance writer stating that she was writing an article on "trail training techniques" for an up and coming issue of Horse Illustrated She asked if I would answer a few question for the article to which I agreed. This is what Audrey used as it appeared in the 5 page article called "Outward Bound" Get your horse ready to leave the arena behind and head out in the open with these trail training techniques. Click on the image (pdf formet)  
Thank you Audrey, I couldn't have been more pleased! Lynn
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In early 2007 I responded to an email from Merri Meldewww.TheEquestrianVagabond.com about an article she was writing for Trail Blazer magazine on conditioning horses for the trail and was looking for the NATRC training prespective.

Please click on the picture to the right to read the article (pdf format) printed in the August 2007 edition.

Thanks so much for contacting me Merri...

I do enjoy helping out where I can educating riders who may not have the resources to get personalized training.

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