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"Celebrating our 28th Successful Year in Business"
About Lynn Strand
     In 1991 STC - was born, with Trail riding as our main emphasis along with Western and English riding lessons and a full horse care program. I focused on NATRC Competitive Trail Riding starting in 1993, where Liza Kunzman started with us as a student and later as an excellence horse care provider. With the help of my clients Bruce and Esther Murphy I fell in love with the gaited horse breeds and since 1997 STC has had an emphisis on them with all breeds welcome. STC has proven itself and what we offer a viable source of horsemanship to anyone who has the desire to do more then just learn how to ride a horse.    
    "The horse for me is a personal bond with the Divine, a being that throughout my life has been a grounded yet free-spirited being that has and always will mean strength, earned loyalty, forward progression, with the ability to see what is real, no one can hide their true nature from a horse. Horses have always been there for me, through love, lose, joy and pain... They have kept me rooted to reality and yet freed my soul to see what is real for the good ot bad of it and through that progressed me to the betterment of myself first and then to those who choose to accompany me for a time in their own personal journeys..."
"In my opinion we as Horsewoman and men are blessed beyond all others..."
Lynn Strand

About Courtney Zarrilli

      Courtney Zarrilli came to STC 12 years ago and quickly proved herself to be an enthusiastic young horsewoman and a dedicated individual with a serious desire to learn the management and administration of proper general equine care and how to best support a Veterinarian and his clients when a horse owner is in need of qualified assistance.

     Courtney is proving herself in everyway to be a professional caring individual along with her horse ownership has developed what Lynn Smothermon - STC considers: “A direct and constant ability to manage-care for any breed of horse along with learning to rehabilitate those under veterinarian supervision with an eye for the detail at hand as well as the final outcome – a happy and healthy horse…Please see more information on The Care Barn here
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    My life started in horses at age three drawing pictures and pointing at them out the windows of my mom car in Omaha NE. By age 10 we had moved to Orange County, California where my love and unrelenting desire to have a horse drove my poor mother to purchase my first horse "Domingo" a running quarter gelding who filled my teenage years with Western and English lessons with Lenny and Jan Smith, and hundreds of riverbeds trail rides from Ranney Stables in Garden Grove to the beach and local regional parks even a few late night concerts at the "Big A" stadium :-) Domingo was sold when I was seventeen as I entered that part of my life where I needed to leave the nest and stand on my own two feet. The bond of horses that had always brought me joy and fulfillment never left my soul and by twenty I was leasing "Tonka" a buckskin mare out of a backyard in OPA - Orange Park Acres as well as working fulltime at Santa Ana Feed and Saddlery, where I met Ruthanna Bridges Bridges Training Stables and I continued to hone my skills taking lessons as we worked together. In September 1989 we moved to PHEC and I took the role of BTS Asst Trainer and Horse Care Tech and for 3 years Ruthanna and I had a happy prosperous partnership. BTS moved on to further her own career our friendship still holds fast.
Lynn Strand
Courtney and Star Spring at IRP