For 28 years STC has focused on the Novice and Intermediate Recreational Trail Riders with a time tested program of successful trail horse training along with "Confident Effective Horsemanship" which enables our riders to deal with the "common" and "not so common" situations that occur on the trail and/or in the arena.
      All horses are schooled in the same techniques with individualized attention to their strengths and weakness.The approach is simple. In most cases horses are by instinct "Herd Bound Animals" one leads and the rest follow. Horse owners must become aware of the "Herd Leader" role and how to use it fairly, so their horses quickly step into the place they are most comfort and confidence following a firm but gentle leader they can trust in almost all situations.This technique can be easily mastered by keeping the training and lines of communication for both the horse and rider at its simplest level, which means at STC both the horse and rider are able to find common ground, understanding and accomplishment.


Training Programs or Maintenance/Care (in-stable) Monday - Friday
(Saturdays and Sundays available as needed for Medical EMs)
                          TRAINING                                  MAINTENANCE  
5 days per week -  $650.00 per month                      $500.00 per month  - 50% off single day rate 
3 days per week -  $585.00 per month                      $425.00 per month  - 3 free rides/lessons
2 days per week -  $390.00 per month                      $350.00 per month  - 2 free rides/lessons
1 day  per week -   $260.00 per month                      $225.00 per month
(Off-site prices available) 
Prices include lessons and/or training in any combination along with as needed - AM blanketing, dropping supplements, monthly face clipping, grooming and bathing, stall checks on non-training days, additonal vacation care, owner emergency or illness care at N/C, 5 week months at N/C, along with many of the services listed below as needed at STC decretion...

Ground work Maintenance/Care Programs (Lunging and/or Turnouts NO RIDING) - Customize programs are available with complete care services
5 days per week -  $300.00 per month
3 days per week -  $180.00 per month
2 days per week -  $120.00 per month
1 day per week -    $60.00  per month

(SPECIAL NOTE - If a horse in Monthly Training or Care becomes ill or injuried STC will per Vet's instruction care and recoopration said horse (medicines provided by owner) with no credit in training fees until said horse can return to regular work - if said horses total care is more or less then regular training fees STC has the right to decrease or add costs to monthly fees at their decretion... This includes rainy and windy periods during the winter months when Trail and Arena Closures create a need for safer forms of excerise such as hand walking or lunging)

ADDITONAL CARE PROGRAMS  Click Here Along with Training and Lessons and maintenance riding STC offers a Full Care Program with lunging and turnouts, feed and supplementation, vacation care or illness injury recovery programs available through “The Care Barn” with Courtney Zarrilli to help keep horses happy and healthy. Back all this up with experienced, knowledgeable professionals that truly care about you and your horse.

Contact Lynn Strand
Barn – Cell 714 552 1726
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Prices do not include boarding fees... Please call Peacock Hill Eq Center 714 997- 7720
for boarding fees and availability

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